The Dont’s of PowerPoint and Public Speaking

Courage is hard to tap into when you are forced to public speak. Let’s say you have to present something in front of more than 35 people. What things should you keep in mind so you don’t completely make a fool of yourself?
Well by personal experience I wouldn’t rock back and forth on your heels, holding on to the podium. Falling down and bringing everything with you won’t give you an A. Much less a good pity grade. The Life After Death by Powerpoint presented by Don McMillian has all the do’s and don’ts of PowerPoint.
One of the most important parts in giving a presentation is what you show when you talk. No one wants to be stuck listening to you read everything you wrote on your power point. Personally I want lots of pictures with stories that go along with them. It helps all types of learners. One things that Don McMillian needs to work on when giving his presentation is his voice.
Sometimes he talks too quickly to understand and others very animated so it was hard to catch. That’s another thing that is important to take into account when public speaking. Is the tone of voice you have, the volume of your voice, and how quickly you try and get your point across. It’s okay to go slow! Don’t feel rushed just because you may feel like you have a lot to cover. It probably isn’t that much when you start talking.
Another important part of public speaking is where you stand and your poster. Don McMillian did a good job with moving around and referring back to his power point presentation. Although he was hyper and very exaggerated, he wasn’t talking business, more comedy. Don’t stand in the middle and just speak. Make a motion! Move and make everyone feel comfortable watching you because you feel comfortable up there!
Get a sense of who you are and make that known when giving your speech. Everyone wants to feel like they are talking to you, not your research or facts. Using these tips and watching Don McMillian should help public speaking or presentations to become easier and more fluent. Getting A’s in speech is better than D’s so study up on tips! For more advice go to Lady’s in Tech, The Best Advice in Public Speaking.


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